Avalynn’s Hope Foundation was founded by Nicole and Louie Wallace and Steve Orsillo under the umbrella of Father’s House Restoration Ministries, a unique collection of nonprofits created to fund community transformation.

As longtime key members of Restoration Ministries, the Wallaces and Steve have worked extensively to support the Oroville community through charitable businesses, community outreach, fundraising events, and partnering with local and international charities that focus on helping those who are most vulnerable.

The Role of Restoration Ministries in the Oroville Community

Each year, Restoration Ministries brings in 10,000 spectators for its annual Free Mud Run, an outdoor obstacle course for kids aged 4-17. This incredible event is put on by the ministries’ volunteer-run nonprofit gym, whose membership fees are used to fund charity projects to help people in need in Oroville and around the world. Lights of Hope, Oroville’s favorite family-friendly outdoor Christmas experience has an attendance of 13,000–18,000 people annually.

All proceeds from the beloved event go to the Gifts of Hope Christmas Assistance Program (which partners with 100s of organizations around the world to provide over 1,200 children with free Christmas gifts) and to further the ongoing work of Restoration Ministries. Additionally, the ministry’s volunteers run Yoville Yogurts, Restored Boutique, and Helping Hands Work Crew—all nonprofit businesses that generate funds that go back into the community.

The Founding of Avalynn’s Hope Foundation

With the success of the ministry, the Wallaces and Steve decided to take on yet another way to help families in need: Avalynn’s Hope Foundation. During Avalynn’s treatment, we discovered first-hand how difficult it can be to know which resources were available to us, how to navigate treatment options, how to handle insurance and medical bills—and even how to communicate what you need with everyday things like shopping and cooking.

Avalynn’s Hope Foundation serves as a memory of Avalynn’s legacy and the many lives she touched, as well as providing assistance to families who aren’t sure where to turn. You are not alone; we’re here to help guide you through these challenging times and be an advocate for you and your child.

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