Louie Wallace


Louie Wallace, Board of Directors Co-Chair, is a general contractor who was born and raised in Oroville. Louie is the father of three daughters: Avalynn (the namesake of Avalynn’s Hope), Briella, and Emberlee. The inspiration for Avie’s Place came when Avalynn was released from the hospital for a time; he realized there were very few places, if any, that could accommodate Avalynn’s needs and allow the Wallaces to enjoy a family outing together. Louie has become passionate about creating an organization to support families caring for a medically challenged or disabled child, as well as creating a specialized place where these families can enjoy valuable time together and children with challenges can play alongside their siblings and friends.

Nicole Wallace


Nicole Wallace, Board of Directors Co-Chair, is a pastor, author, and advocate. Nicole has lived in Oroville for the past 31 years and is married to her Board Co-Chair, Louie Wallace. Nicole is Mom to three daughters: Avalynn (the namesake of Avalynn’s Hope), Briella, and Emberlee.  As an advocate, Nicole uses her personal experience to help families with medically challenged and disabled children navigate the complicated maze of medical care and available support resources. Nicole is the author of The Courageous Chronicles of Avie Bravelee, a series of children’s books based on her daughter Avie’s life and journey with cancer. All of these efforts are intended to help families not only survive, but thrive, despite the medical challenges of their children.

Steve Orsillo

Steve Orsillo is a pastor and general contractor. More accurately, he is a builder who has built his family with his wife Vicki, which includes four children and eight grandchildren. In his role as Senior Pastor, he’s led the Father’s House Church in Oroville for 25 years. During that time, Steve has brought many blessings to the City of Oroville, like South Side Clean Up, Life Recovery Ministries (a residential rehabilitation plan), and the French Family Food Bank, as well as countless blessings to those in his congregation. He will oversee the building and facilities for Avalynn’s Hope Foundation and the building of Avie’s Place, a specially designed playground specifically for families with medically challenged and disabled children. Steve is Avalynn Wallace’s grandfather, and he is committed to making Avalynn’s Hope and Avie’s Place into true blessings for families struggling in this world.

Eric Van Cleave

Eric Van Cleave is CEO/Director of Digital Marketing for TIV, Inc., a Northern California-based advertising agency that concentrates on non-profits and environmental concerns. Eric has been married for the past 21 years to his wife Cathy and has five children. He is also a proud Papaw to his five grandchildren. Eric was motivated to work with Avalynn’s Hope after hearing Louie and Nicole talk about their experiences with their daughter, Avie. He’s looking forward to helping Avalynn’s Hope Foundation provide much-needed support and joy to the families of medically challenged kids.

Janel Wilson

Janel Wilson has been the Office Chief of the State of California Department of Transportation Right of Way Division in the North Region for over 20 years. Raised in Oroville, she moved away to go to college and returned in 2000. Janel and her husband, Jim, have four adult children and eight grandchildren. In her free time, Janel enjoys knitting, cooking, hiking, spending time outdoors, and chasing around her grandsons. She became involved with Avalynn’s Hope after watching Avalynn’s illness from a distance and seeing the impact it had on the entire community, as well as the faith of her family throughout their struggles. After learning about the vision and mission of the foundation, she realized she wanted to be a part of it to help children who are suffering and their families.

Luke Pollock

Luke Pollock works for the Father’s House handling administration, organization, and outreach programs. He moved to Oroville in 2010 and enjoys reading and traveling; he’s also a coffee and tea connoisseur. Luke became involved with Avie’s Place because as someone living with a disability, he knows the importance of accessibility firsthand. He grew up seeing “normal” playgrounds and experienced the lack of equipment catering to the needs of children with disabilities.

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly is a pastor at the Father’s House and has lived in Oroville since 2009. He and his wife, Lisa, have a two-year-old son named Miles. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys sports (he loves baseball), music, spending time with his family, and playing with his son and friends. He became involved with Avalynn’s Hope and Avie’s Place because he believes in their ability to reach people and provide an environment for families (especially families of children with disabilities) to spend time together. Ryan feels that even if it makes a difference in one child’s life, it’s worth it.