What is Avalynn’s Hope Foundation?

Avalynn’s Hope Foundation was established to honor the legacy of Avalynn Wallace and provide ongoing support and resources for families of medically fragile and disabled children. In addition, we also provide funding and advocacy for cancer and disabilities research.

What else does the foundation do?

We understand through personal experience how overwhelming and isolating it can feel to have a medically fragile or disabled child and not know how to get the support and resources you need. We help families navigate the medical system, as well as provide resources for grief support, medical bills, end-of-life care, networking, and more.

How does Avalynn’s Hope differ from Avie’s Place?

Avie’s Place is an accessible park and playground created by Avalynn’s Hope Foundation to provide a safe, inclusive place for families in our community to enjoy quality time and build lasting memories. Avalynn’s Hope Foundation provides resources and support to families of medically fragile and disabled children, as well as advocacy and funding for cancer research.

Do I need to be religious to get assistance from the foundation?

No. Although the land for Avie’s Place is being leased from a religious nonprofit organization and three of our board members are also members of Restoration Ministries, Avalynn’s Hope Foundation is not a religious organization. We assist families of all backgrounds, religions, and creeds.

Do you plan to partner with other organizations?

We’re always open to partnering with organizations that share our vision and values.