Avalynn Hope Wallace was called to the Lord at seven years old, after fighting a grueling three-year battle with AML leukemia. Despite the struggles she went through, she remained a bright, spunky, and warm little girl who inspired everyone who met her. Although fictionalized, The Courageous Chronicles of Avie Bravelee is inspired by moments in her life. The first book in the series, The Powerful Necklace, revolves around the real-life necklace she had been wanting, how her father helped that dream come true, and the hope it brought her:

“Daddy!!!” Avie screamed.

She bounced up and down, waiting for him to make his way to her with a box. Was it for her?

“What’s that, Daddy?”

“It’s a present for you! I know being here is so hard, so I wanted to bring you some joy.” 

She could feel something rattling around inside.

“I got it from the gift shop, and they told me it has very secret, special powers,” Daddy winked.  She tore the bow off the top and opened the box to reveal a beautiful necklace.

“Oh, Daddy! I LOVE IT!” she cried.

Wearing it, she felt like a beautiful princess.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Avie shouted.

Then she got quiet. “What special powers does it have?”

Daddy leaned in to tell the special secret. “Well, whenever you’re lonely or scared, all you have to do is place a finger on the necklace and it will take you wherever your heart desires.”

“Wow! Really?! I can go on adventures?!” 

For so long, she had been unable to go outside on exciting adventures with her friends and family.

Maybe now she could finally have some real fun and forget about her leukemia, even just for a few minutes.