How are decisions for the park made?

We have a Board of Directors who are in charge of making all park-related decisions.

How is the lease on the land handled?

The land for the park is owned by a local nonprofit organization that has given us a 25-year lease on the land. After time has expired, there will be options to renew the lease.

What are the rules and regulations for Avie’s Place?

Our park rules and regulations are as follows:

  • No alcohol usage
  • No smoking of any kind
  • No drug usage
  • Visitors are required to adhere to the park’s hours of operation
  •  Skateboards, strollers, bikes, roller skates/blades, and hoverboards are only allowed on the concrete pathways
  • All garbage must be thrown away in garbage receptacles
  • All picnic areas are free to use during park hours unless otherwise reserved
  • Loud music is not permitted     
  • Music with vulgar language is not permitted at any time; failure to follow this rule may result in having your membership revoked.  

What are the cabins?

Our cabins, located in the park at The Cove, are specifically intended for medically fragile families and those with disabled family members who would like to stay overnight in the park. A fun, unique experience, our cabins are a great way to have extended time to enjoy all the park has to offer. Each cabin is fully accessible and furnished with 4 bunk beds and mattresses, a small kitchenette, electricity, and a private deck.

What are the rules and expectations for use of the cabins?

Our cabin rules are as follows:

  • Cabins can be reserved by families for overnight stay for up to two nights
  • Cabins are reserved for disabled and medically fragile families only. To qualify, we require a letter from a social worker or medical professional.
  • You must bring your own bedding

How can I reserve a cabin?

To reserve a cabin, please visit

What is the security like at the cabins?

The entire facility will be fully fenced with a locked entry gate. In addition, we’ll have 24-hour surveillance cameras and a property manager who lives onsite outside of the park, should you need assistance at any time. Contact information for our property manager will be provided during your stay.

Are you waiting to raise all the money for the project, to start?

No. We’re breaking the project down into phases so we can open more features of the park as we raise the money.

How will funding be handled?

Our board members will handle the financial aspects of the park and will provide full evidence and accounting of the money spent.

If I give a large grant or donation, can I have naming rights to features in the park?

Yes, there are opportunities to have naming rights to portions of the park. If you would like more information, please contact at Additionally, we have sponsorship tiers and other opportunities listed on our website,

Will there be paid staff members at the park?

Our board of directors will not be paid. If the board decides there’s a need for paid staff, they will determine the details regarding wages.

What will happen if additional funds are raised?

If we raise additional funds, they will go to the upkeep and maintenance of the park, along with furthering our mission to support families with medically fragile and disabled children.

Will I be able to rent the park out for special events or private parties? Can I use your amphitheater?

Yes, however at this time, the details are still being worked out.

How do you plan to partner with other organizations?

We’re open to partnering with organizations that share our vision and values.

Will the park be religious?

No. Although the land is being leased from a religious nonprofit organization, Avie’s Place & Avalynn’s Hope Foundation are not religious organizations.

Will I be required to have a membership?

Yes, you will need to register to use the park and to have access to the facilities. You’ll be required to pay a nominal yearly park maintenance fee at the time of registration. At this time, the cost of the fee has yet to be determined.

Can memberships be revoked?

Yes, memberships will be revoked for violating park rules and regulations.

How will I be able to access the park?

Park members will have access to the park through a coded security gate.

What will the hours of operation be?

Park hours will be 8 am to 6 pm (with some exceptions).

Will alcohol be allowed inside the park?

No (please see park rules).

Will you have insurance for the park?


How will you keep the park maintained?

The maintenance and upkeep of the park will be funded through membership fees and additional funds raised by Avalynn’s Hope Foundation.

How are the park and playground accessible?

All walkways, bathrooms, watering stations, and parking meet Universal industry standards, as well as our professional accessible playground equipment.

What are the different features that make it accessible?

All parts of the playground have been specifically designed to accommodate individuals with all levels of disabilities and capabilities. This includes swings, slides, water play, picnic areas, tunnels, imagination play, and cabins.

My child is in a wheelchair. What is accessible to them?

It’s our full intention to make every single item accessible to those in wheelchairs so that our park is at least 80% accessible. Some features are not accessible, including (but not limited to) the 3rd story of the play structure, some of the slides, and one or two of the bridges.

I have a disabled adult, can they come to the park?

Yes, absolutely! All are welcome here.

What if my child is immunocompromised?

Our park and playground are located outside and all children are welcomed. However, it’s up to your discretion whether to bring your child to our facility. There will be specific days for medically fragile children and special attention will be made on those days regarding sanitation and safety.

What is Avalynn’s Hope Foundation?

Avalynn’s Hope Foundation was established to honor the legacy of Avalynn Wallace. We provide ongoing support and resources for families of medically fragile and disabled children, as well as funding and advocacy for cancer research.

How does Avalynn’s Hope differ from Avie’s Place?

Avie’s Place is an accessible park and playground created by Avalynn’s Hope Foundation to provide a safe, inclusive place for families in our community to enjoy quality time and build lasting memories.

What else does the foundation do?

From our own experience, we understand many families with medically fragile children have a lack of support and resources within the medical system. Likewise, there are often few options when it comes to end-of-life care. We help families navigate the processes in the medical system as well as provide resources for grief support, medical bills, and more.

Questions that still need answers or clarification:

  • How much does it cost to use the cabins?
  • Will I be able to cook at the cabin?
  1. (maybe have an outdoor kitchen available for cooking and hanging out??)
  2. Maybe equip each cabin with a small kitchenette each
  3. Maybe they bring their own camping equipment? (stove, ice chest)
  4. Will bathrooms be available at the cabins?
  5. ???
  6. Where can I store food at the cabin? (if at all)
  7. ???
  8. How much does it cost to rent out the park or amphitheater?
  9. Who determines eligibility for the membership?
  10. Determination is based on location and family status of children???
  11. Will there be a maximum capacity at the park?
  12. ??
  13. Family help for medically fragile children
  14. Resource Guide to help families