In Butte County alone, there are 4,231 children living with disabilities or serious health conditions that require ongoing care; everyone has an Avalynn in their life, even if they don’t realize it. We’re all in this together.

If you’d like to help families of medically fragile and disabled children get the assistance they need, we offer several ways for you to support our mission:

With years of experience running nonprofit programs, our board members know how to make your support stretch as far as possible. While constructing Avie’s Place, a project estimated at $8 million, we were able to cut costs in half by:

  • Utilizing donated land, surveying services, and tractor services
  • Performing the physical labor ourselves
  • Negotiating a 30% discount from our landscape architect
  • Working directly with a grant writer and marketing company

Support Avalynn’s Hope Foundation today to honor the legacy of Avalynn and children like her. Let’s work together to make medical care and support services more accessible, simplified, and inclusive for all families of children facing medical and disability challenges.

Get A Matching Grant!

Here is a great information page on a non profit website to explain how to get a matching grant for your donation if you work at any of these companies: