Avalynn’s Hope Foundation was created in memory of Avalynn Wallace, daughter of Nicole and Louie Wallace, to provide support and resources for families with medically fragile and disabled children.

Avalynn was diagnosed with AML leukemia in December 2016, at the age of four. For the next three years, she went through grueling treatment to overcome the cancer; in October 2019, at the age of seven, Avalynn lost the battle and was called to Heaven. Avalynn was a beautiful soul who captured the hearts of thousands in her community and beyond with her joyful nature, infectious laugh, and wisdom years beyond her age.

To continue her legacy, Nicole and Louie founded Avalynn’s Hope Foundation under the umbrella of Father’s House Restoration Ministries in Oroville, California, and will be established as an independent 501(3) organization in the near future.

What We Do

Avalynn’s Hope has three primary objectives:

  • Recreation: To provide a recreational park and playground (Avie’s Place) that’s accessible to children and adults of all capabilities and physical impairments, as well as resources for foundations that offer recreational activities for families of medically fragile and disabled children.
  • Resources: To provide resources and guidance for families of medically fragile and disabled children, including help navigating the medical system, financial assistance, family support,    
  • Support: To provide funding and advocacy for cancer and disabilities research, as well as establish partnerships with like-minded nonprofit organizations.

All of us have an Avalynn in our lives. They may be your child, your niece or nephew, or even the child of a friend or co-worker. Together we can make a difference in the lives of medically fragile and disabled children and their families.